Pregnant Stacey Solomon reveals she is considering a home birth for the first time

The presenter and former X Factor star, 31, is expecting a baby in the next few weeks with partner of six years Joe Swash.

The couple have son Rex, two; Ms Solomon also has two other boys — Zachary and Leighton — from previous relationships while Mr Swash has son Harry with a former flame.

Speaking to the Standard, Loose Women star Ms Soloman — who got engaged over Christmas — said the couple were seriously thinking about a home birth for the first time due to Covid.

She said: “The birth – it is still something we are talking about. I wouldn’t be able to have my mum there, my mum has been there for every other birth, which sounds sad because I am 31 years old but I feel like she won’t let me die and she has always been there. We are looking at our options for a home birth.

“It lessens the Covid risk… but then there is the risk if you need to be blue lighted in and there is an emergency. It is trying to weigh up those options. I have never considered it this much before. I feel like, Joe won’t be able to come in until the last minute, mum won’t be there, there is the risk of getting Covid… I don’t know how comfortable I feel.”

Ms Solomon — who earlier this year bought her dream forever home with Mr Swash in Essex —also said she was “so excited” to be expecting a girl for the first time.

“I am aware people don’t think I should feel this way, but I am very excited to be having a girl,” she said.

“I am very excited [that] I might have the chance to be at the birth of one of my grandchildren one day, I might have the chance to be the mother of the bride one day. I am so excited to be having a girl.”

Ms Solomon is an ambassador for Baby Dove and this week spoke at an event about parenting for the brand.

She said about the event: “I don’t know any more than any other parent out there. Sometimes as a parent you are waiting for that person to give you that magic piece of information and I don’t have it.

“We spoke a lot about expectations as a parent, feeling guilty regardless as to if you are working at home, a bit of both. There is so much common ground for parents, I think that you could go on forever.

“But it ultimately comes back to no judgement, whatever gets you through the day, whatever works for you works for you. And don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. That is my message and the message of Baby Dove.”

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