What the papers say – August 10


he papers continue to grapple with the cost-of-living crisis on Wednesday.

The Guardian leads with Prime Minister Boris Johnson declaring he is “absolutely certain” his successor will offer further help to struggling households.

It comes as Liz Truss has softened on the idea of handouts, according to the i.

Metro carries comments from consumer expert Martin Lewis, who urges the Government to take immediate action against inflation as households are predicted to pay the equivalent of £4,266 a year until March.

More than half of Britons believe a boycott of soaring energy bills is “justified”, according to The Independent.

The Telegraph says a think tank has determined rising prices could cost taxpayers an extra £30 billion a year as people are pushed into higher income tax bands.

The Financial Times reports Ms Truss has signalled she would give ministers the power to overrule City regulators, while the Daily Express gives the Foreign Secretary its tick of approval.

The Sun and Daily Mirror both lead with revelations from the Ryan Giggs trial, with the former footballer’s ex-girlfriend telling a court she was headbutted and cheated on by him.

The Times says universities have started removing books from reading lists to protect students from “challenging” content.

A majority of babies were born out of wed-lock for the first time on record last year, according to the Daily Mail.

And the Daily Star says the UK is on “very red alert” ahead of this week’s four-day heatwave.

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